Shohag Parvez

Shohag Parvez

He was born in the district of kushtia in december 31, 1981 in Bangladesh.  He took his first lessons of painting during class 5, while growing up in kushtia; in the cultural surroundings of Lalon- Rabindranath. He was influenced by painting as well as every step of culture from his teenage days. His aspiration for painting has developed from high school.

He was admitted in the college of the village to learn painting. From the beginning, he used to love village; always used to be occupied for practising paintings in sketchbook. He wandered around rural local neighbourhood, around buffalo & bullock cart, rivers & streams, marshy lands, again sometimes cultivated agricultural land. From his college days, by practising drawing & watercolour, he had created an unparalleled image of Bangladesh inside his heart.

He was admitted in Fine Arts department of Dhaka University in 2002 and completed his M.F.A degree in 2012. And from then, his genre of work has changed completely. Shohag Parvez is a promising successful painter of present time. His mainstream of work is presenting Bangladesh through paintings.  He roams around all over the country and creates paintings of flat land, mountainous region, rivers & streams, canal bill, marshy land, sailboat, village population, again sometimes simple hard working people, fleet of the Bede people, Shaotal people, Murong lady etc. becomes his subject of paintings.

He is very fond of children and painted numerous paintings and illustrations about them. He participated in 70 exhibitions in various countries which are India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Dubai, Philippines, Australia, U.S.A, Poland and Bangladesh.

He did almost 3000 book covers and illustrations for both grown-ups and children’s books.

He has participated in more than 50 art camps in his own country and abroad.

Moreover, he has been awarded countless appreciation and received numerous rewards from Bangladesh as well as other countries so far.


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