Shohag Parvez has passion for drawing and believes in experimentation. In his short career span, he has developed a style, particularly in his drawings and detail sketches. His paintings are principally a means to visually imagine the natural world in which he find himself. He has longing and ability to transform his visual insight of the world into a material form. The main traits of his work are perception and simple expression.

Hills and people of hilly areas are of his prime subjects. The artist meticulously portrays mountain sights and their surrounding atmosphere. He frequently visited the areas and painted them. He does not believe in copying photographs.

Boats and rivers are yet another passion of the artist. The painter continues to work on this significant subject as he feels that the paintings should be of historical value.

In the earlier, Shohag started copying the works of old masters like Helen Parsley, Spencer Frederick Gore, John Constable, William Turner and Van Gogh. He was engrossed with their works particularly their tones, textures and use of light and shade. Afterwards, he brought romanticism and pure scenic beauty in his works. His colors are often subdued and quiet which can translate the significance of the themes. He mainly painted rural, reverie beauty and greenery of rural areas.

Shohag is simultaneously a water colorist and acrylic painter. His water colors are superb in terms of his meticulous techniques and in creating the effects of plain-air water color. The artist techniques is particularly based on smooth wash thin color. He seek to depict the simplicity of nature. Natural forms and their realistic settings are his happiness and inspiration.

Shohag began his career as a naturist painter. He focused on seasonal changes, tranquil landscapes , ponds, lakes. mustard and green paddy field in autumn, rainy days and blue skies. Solitude and tranquility are two vital components in Shohag’s work. The subjects of his works are in a somber mood and their characteristics are consistently highlighted. Lighting is a prominent feature in his paintings and the artist generally prefers glowing light and mystifying settings. At times, his figures (villagers, Farmers and ethnic people) look immobile and propel us into reflecting their experiences. The painter feels he must demonstrate their everyday woes and bliss on his canvas

Takir hossain.

Art critic of Bangladesh.2010